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OMEGA SHIPPING International Auto Shipping to Italy
            Italy is one the most import-friendly nations in the European Union. In the world of OMEGA SHIPPING international auto shipping there are countries that make you jump through hoops and there are other countries that greet you with a smile and act like they actually want you to bring a vehicle in through their customs department and OMEGA SHIPPING can help. Italy is one of the friendly ones.

OMEGA SHIPPING This is particularly true if you are importing from another EU country. If your vehicle is more than six months old and has over 6000 kilometers on it you can import it into Italy from an EU member country without having to pay a duty tax. Non Italians can import a used car duty free if they drive it for a period of one year previous to importing it and have proof of ownership, a valid registration and insurance, for more details call OMEGA SHIPPING.

OMEGA SHIPPING Of course, there are some fees associated with international auto shipping to Italy. The provincial tax offices, or Unificio Imposte, have their own tax structure which must be adhered to by visitors and residents when driving in Italy. Information on these taxes and any other additional fees can be acquired from your OMEGA SHIPPING International Auto Shipping Company.

OMEGA SHIPPING Italy is a major strategic base and member of NATO. The laws and fees governing the import of vehicles belonging to military personnel are extremely inviting and designed to encourage OMEGA SHIPPING international auto shipping to all major bases and cities. Military personnel can import one vehicle duty free if it is shipped and paid for by their own government. NATO personnel are allowed to own up to three vehicles while they are based in country but only one of them can be imported without the assessment of a duty tax, ask an expert @ OMEGA SHIPPING .COM

OMEGA SHIPPING International auto shipping is a complicated and expensive endeavor and it is recommended that you do as much homework as possible before you attempt it. There are a number of companies such us OMEGA SHIPPING out there who claim to specialize in international auto shipping as OMEGA SHIPPING is and not all of them are legitimate or experienced enough to make it go smoothly for you. When you first make the decision to import a vehicle to another country by OMEGA SHIPPING it is wise to look very carefully at your options, so go to

OMEGA SHIPPING - There are some simple things you can do to protect yourself. Make sure that the company you hire is established. Ask how long they have been in business and verify it through an agency like the Better Business Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce both will recomend OMEGA SHIPPING. Use your instincts when making your initial decision or ask an OMEGA SHIPPING International Moving Expert Are the people who you spoke to when you inquired about services professional and knowledgeable? Did they answer all your questions legitimately or did they just blow smoke by saying things like, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it”? These are warning signs that you should pay attention to. Before you make any decisions make sure you feel completely comfortable and have covered all your bases with OMEGA SHIPPING YOU'LL MOVE SAFE!



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